Fire Safety Consulting

At HP Consulting, we are consultants in providing fire and safety services to a wide range of clients, helping them safeguard their businesses and comply with current fire safety legislation. We offer a wide range of fire safety consulting services from design, supply, installation, maintenance, testing and commissioning of fire detection and fire protection systems. By establishing a fire prevention and preparedness program, you can help avoid injuries to your employees and visitors, costly damages, and potential fines to your business. We work with our clients to deliver the benefits of a safer environment within a holistic fire safety approach. Get in Touch

Fire Safety Consulting Services We Provide

With our extensive industry experience, we have a thorough understanding of the legislation and regulation that affects your organisation. We can provide you with advice and support in identifying the risks within your organisation through fire risk assessments, fire safety management and fire risk management systems.

Our Fire Safety Consulting Services include

Fire safety engineering
Our subject matter experts conduct a fire safety audit which takes care of the fire-related issues and hazards in a plant, warehouse, facility or building.

Fire risk assessments
As a Fire Risk Assessment & Fire Protection Consultant, we help you to detect, prevent and mitigate conditions that will lead to fire at your factory, building, warehouse or facility.

Fire safety awareness
As Fire Protection Consultant, we help organisations to manage their Fire and Safety Risks with our on-premise training and consulting assistance.

Fire detection systems
We design fire detection systems using a smoke detector and alarm monitoring to discover fires early in their development when the time will still be available for the safe evacuation of occupants.

Fire pre-plan - preincident audit
Considering the likely effects of the fire scenario on the environment, we provide consultancy for the fire protection and emergency response systems to be used in specific fire scenarios.

Why Fire Safety Consultants from HP Consulting?

Our start-to-finish Fire Protection Engineering, Design and Installation (EDI) Services can be tailored to fit your every need. Contact our Fire Protection consultants to make the best of use of our expertise with:

Customised approach & implementation support

Cost-effective fire safety consulting solutions

Industry-focused fire safety consulting methodology

Solutions based on national and international codes