3 Must-Have Tools for Improving Customer Experience

Customer Experience
07 Jul 2021

3 Must-Have Tools for Improving Customer Experience

In the business world, customer experience is one of the most significant factors that has a huge impact on the success of a business. This factor can improve your business growth because a happy customer is likely to become a trusted customer who can assist you increase revenue.

 The customer experience (CX) is your customer’s holistic observation of their experience with your brand or organization. Offering a great customer experience is essential for any organization.  

There are different benefits of offering the best CX such as increasing customer satisfaction, increasing customer loyalty and offering a positive review. 

All business models can benefit from enhancing the CX; for instance service industries can reduce complaints and gain recommendations, ecommerce companies can reduce customer returns and gain more customers, and subscription businesses can reduce churn and increase retention.  

There are different tools available in marketing that can help you to improve CX. Investing in the correct tool to support customer experience is not an easy task.  You may have to consider all the factors and make the right decision. 

Are you looking to improve customer experience? If so, you are at the right place. Here you can find the top 3 must-have tools to enhance customer experience. 

Qualtrics CustomerXM

Qualtrics CustomerXM is a cloud-based customer experience management platform. Both small and large-sized organizations can use this CX management tool to check customer interactions and forecast behaviors of purchases. 

This tool includes vital features such as audience segmentation, net promoter score (NPS) tracking, communication management, and survey design.  This customer experience management platform allows the markets to conduct various surveys, collect feedback, and share reviews on social media channels.  

It focuses on the four aspects of experience: Product experience, customer experience, brand experience, and employee experience.  

It assists businesses to reach out its customers on multiple devices and channels. Qualtrics CustomerXM incorporates third-party platforms such as Salesforce, SAP, and JIRA. 

Advantages of Qualtrics CustomerXM

  • Qualtrics CustomerXM is very flexible and very functional with the best user-friendly layout.
  • Allows you to create surveys using the drag and drop option
  • It is easy to use customer experience management platform
  • Qualtrics CustomerXM enables you to create and store surveys
  • With Qualtrics CustomerXM, you can easily replicate the blocks and sections from one survey to other
  • Allows you to share study between different projects
  • Allows you to visualize the data during analyses


Medallia is a cloud-based platform that offers modules for product experience management, employee experience management, and customer experience management. 

The main advantage of using this CX tool is that you can efficiently address B2B (Business-to-Business) experience and B2C (Business-to-Consumer) experience separately.  With this tool, customers and businesses can communicate on various channels such as social media, SMS, IVR (Interactive Voice Response).  

It can offer real-time reporting and analytics to comprehend the customer experience and behaviors.  It also provides case management for resolving and handling customer issues.  It allows businesses to find the cause of problems and areas of improvement. 

Users can monitor accounts by geography, business unit, and segment. They can also run analytics to predict customer behavior and find trends.

Advantages of Medallia

  • Offers various important features such as data collection, benchmarking, interactive analytics, media sharing, data integration, text analytics, customer recovery, dashboarding and more
  • Offers the best user interface that allows for quick navigation
  • Offers Real-time data and dashboards from multiple administration views
  • Medallia allows you to get genuine and real-time feedback from customers
  • Allows you to determine and address the problem areas
  • Allows you to recover unengaged customers
  • Get in-depth insight on operations
  • Boost online reviews and testimonials


Zendesk is also a cloud-based CX management platform.  This platform offers four distinct modules (support, guide, chat, and talk) to assist organizations in enhancing customer’s experience.   

This tool offers a live chat feature, front-end portal, and integration with Google Analytics and Salesforce.  

Zendesk is famous in a wide range of vertical markets including retails, media, government, and technology.  With Zendesk, an organization can make an online community where their clients can ask questions and reply to ongoing discussion threads. 

With Zendesk’s analytic tools, a business can identify the trouble spots and slow response time.

Advantages of Zendesk

  • Offers flexible ticket management with automated workflow
  • Multi-brand support with linked accounts
  • Zendesk is easy to use
  • Robust reporting and advanced analytics feature
  • Offers multi-brand support: social medial, phone, web, and email
  • Includes knowledge base portal and community forums
  • Offers seamless integration support


CX is a crucial element for a business’s success. 

Offering exceptional customer experiences ensures high customer retention and customer loyalty. In this competitive market, various online tools are available to improve customer experience.  

But, these top 3 must-have customer experience management tools can help your businesses to improve customer’s experience and stay ahead in the market. Before investing in these tools, you should identify which areas of your business need improvement.