Sales Management Consultant

A simple sales life cycle starts with creating awareness of the product, through lead generation and ends with closure of the deal. With excellent sales management consultants, develop a sales force, coordinate sales operations, and implement sales techniques that allow a business to consistently hit, and even surpass, its sales targets. Our sales management consultants carefully align people, processes and provide the strategies and tools. Get in Touch

Why avail sales management consultancy from HP Consulting?

Our sales management consultants are pro and truly understand that a sales management strategy is an absolute must. If your business brings in any revenue at all, It includes the planning, implementation, and control of sales Operation, as well as recruiting, training, motivating, and evaluating Team.

Sales management assistance and strategic level

Identify the factors that can drive the growth & boost sales

Analyze consumer behavior, needs, and preferences

Make strategic decisions on market / product expansion

Assess risk related to sales management, if any

Prepare SOP / Guidelines for sales & Marketing

Sales management assistance at operation level

Determine customer segmentation & targeting and provide value propositions to customers with a compelling reason to buy your products

Strategic Positioning by creating differentiation and getting recognized in the market

Product Management by designing innovative offerings that customers can adopt more quickly

Pricing Strategy by setting a price that is affordable to customers and profitable to you and channels

Marketing Communication & Promotion by creating awareness and persuading customers to buy your products

Organize distribution channels to reach to target customers more effectively and efficiently

Lead management for sales excellence and improve the performance of the sales team to boost the conversion

CRM implementation for effective implementations of recommended strategies with Review & Reporting Processes

While developing marketing strategies we tend to primarily target the customer’s current and rising desires, and client’s capabilities to satisfy those needs. Adopting a knowledge-driven approach, we conduct a comprehensive assessment of the client’s capabilities and market -customers, competitors, industry- to identify the market opportunities.