Refurbish SEO in the Age of Digital Transformation

Refurbish SEO in the Age of Digital Transformation
01 Jul 2020

Refurbish SEO in the Age of Digital Transformation

All industries have been facing changes as a result of industry revolution 4.0. But some of these industries are already being influenced by rapid and extensive changes – particularly Information Technology,  Media and telecommunications (IMT). Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is in the midst of an evolution in the age of Digital Transformation where in there is cutthroat competition.

From the rise of semantic search to voice search, image search and mobile search, the rules and terms of SEO have changed drastically in only a few years.

The digitized changes and evolution make sense, associating with digital transformation is all related to the desire to improve customer’s services and digital  experience. 

According to the famous writer Janelle Estes of CMS wire, digital transformation is the way of how we interact with each other that could change the mode of communication and transparency between user and service provider.

But it is also a timeless truth that to stay relevant to customers, organization must keep their eye on the activities and evolving needs and expectation of the customers and to build specific insight to their offerings.

For instance, until recently, SEO consisted of identifying  a keyword, writing a blogpost on those particular keywords and may be adding a few meta tags, descriptions and titles that include such keywords.

But due to rapid changes and revolutionary digital transformation, these are no longer efficient and effective and it is far from what Google is looking for today. 

To give today’s customers what they need exactly and what they truly desire, today it is necessary to look at SEO in a different manner.

Here we will be able to redefine you the best SEO practices which help you to understand and boost search engine results in the competitive age of digital transformation.


Strategy: Aim for relevance, not ranking

Rather than focusing on searching terms, you should focus on the expectation and needs of searchers, when they type a specific keyword in a Google search query, it is necessary to understand what they are actually trying to look for and why?

For example: 

  • You write blogs, guest posts and more SEO friendly content to give written answers of all doubts and questions of your customers?
  • You can rely on images in order to compare to give your customers a chance to compare products and expected things.
  • If your customers are expecting and asking for recommendation that means they need proper product and service reviews and rating analysis.

These different scenarios show and underscore the essentials of understanding relevance and user intent.

According to the new algorithm of Google, its new updates enable the search engine to better decipher not only what users are searching for, but also for understanding of why they are searching, so that marketers can expand their vision of what SEO really means.


Website Rank Understanding

Five years ago, the objective of any organization was to get first ranking on Google platform, but today, the top listing in a search engine is not that much easy, these days the search engine results page isn’t always a blog post or home page. These days, it can be image, videos or any featured snippet. 

It is important to understand that what you rank for is just as important as where you rank. To figure this out, you just need to examine top 10 results you would like to rank for. 

SEO helps us to understand what types of content ranks your business reach well.

For example, if the first five results are product based pages then writing as a blog article using such keywords won’t help you to crack into top google listing.

Clearly, Google sees product-based content as more relevant to the people searching for that keyword. 

Looking beyond simple ranking goals and aims, and instead identifying the types of content Google will also help you to target your audience and favoring each keyword you want to optimize.

For this purpose, you need to pour your energy into creating and frame unique and the best version of content to optimize your chosen content and polish the perfection to outperform your competition.


Content Creation

Creating content assets for the entire buyer journey is very important.

Many businesses make the mistake of only targeting people but they forget to focus on giving ultimate customer experience, rather than keywords that need producing proper content for buyers at every stage of their journey. 

Pharmaceutical companies recently researched their customers’ search behavior and found that people were searching for the ingredients  found in their products.

Henceforth, the company started creating more content to share the knowledge of nutrition information about their products and ingredients.


Production of SEO content can be the key to proper digital transformation.

Measuring performance is important, but knowing the SEO benchmarks and algorithms are the major key to monitor the metrics.

In the age of digital transformation, click through rate are another features which are just important to boost any buyer or customers to make their purchase decisions and enhance your business reach.

So Click-through rates are other components which are helpful to increase the importance of your content and traffic on your website. Thus SEO transformation shows a new path to find your content more relevant – regardless of where it’s appearing in the results.