Customer Experience in the Age of Social Media

Customer Experience in the Age of Social Media
21 May 2021

Customer Experience in the Age of Social Media

Customer Experience is evolving and growing with the age of Social Media. Today, they are inseparable. 

Today’s evolved customers no longer rely solely on price and product while choosing a brand ,the experience you offer throughout their purchase journey plays a crucial role in leaving an impact on them.  

Customer experience is no longer limited to isolated messages and emails about offers and deals and resolving complaints over a phone call. In the current times, it is about delivering holistic and consistent experience – both offline and online, that your customers value. 

It has become more important than ever to provide your customers with a seamless, high quality experience to ensure the growth of your business.

This article shows how “Social media, when utilized correctly, can be a game changer for optimizing your customer experience

What is Customer Experience Management ?

Customer experience management commonly known as CEM is a process used by businesses to oversee their interactions with the customers and record their responses. 

The primary objectives of a customer experience strategy are increasing customer satisfaction and brand loyalty by meeting and exceeding their expectations.

In order to harness the power of customer experience management ,brands need to look at themselves with customers’ eyes. Observing the customer journey closely, helps a business to understand their preferences, the challenges they face, and their overall mindset. 

More and more companies today are realizing the importance of enhancing their CX strategies and social media can play a major role in doing so. 

The Link Between Customer Experience & Social Media 

“According to the latest data from datareportal, There are 4.33 billion social media users in the world, which accounts for 55% of the global population.” These numbers alone are enough to signify why businesses need to focus on ‘social media’ for optimizing their customer experience. 

Social media platforms open new doors for brands to organically establish a connection with their present and potential customers.

Instead of seeing social media as a sales or marketing tool, brands now utilize it as a platform to engage in authentic conversations, research consumer data, highlight their pain points, and form strategies to improve their overall experience.

 In this blog, we will look at how social customer experience plays an instrumental role in establishing your brand and how you can level up your social media strategies. 

Strategies To Improve Customer Experience On Social Media

Research your audience

The first step of improving your social customer experience is understanding consumer behavior. Social media can be yielded as a great tool to uncover customer insights, their behavior, preferences and challenges. 

The information you gather will help you understand your consumers, form different consumer segments and make strategies for those segments. It will be the foundation of your CEM.

Engage, Don’t bombard your customers

If there is one thing that every customer despises is an endless stream of Ads, popping one after another. Bombarding your customers with ad, does not grab their attention, in fact it creates a negative impact. 

Try to engage with your customers. Frame your brand message in a way that it stimulates mutual interaction. Build up a personality for your brand that can stick with your audience on social media and engage in direct communication with them.

You can interact through quizzes, interviews, customer testimonials, content forms etc. 

Personalize Your Marketing 

Social media is a gold mine to collect consumer data and form personalized marketing strategies for each consumer segment. There are several benefits of treating each customer as an individual rather than delivering generic marketing messages to everyone. 

Personalized marketing helps enhance customer experience as the customer begins resonating with your brand’s culture. By adopting personalized marketing you can create consistency in various channels.

This consistency increases brand awareness and creates brand loyalty. 

Respond quickly

In today’s fast paced generation, nobody likes to wait – waiting on hold, waiting for a reply, waiting for the consumer executive, you name it, they hate it. Therefore, ‘prompt response’ and quick resolutions are an important part of a customer experience strategy.

Brands can utilize various tools and techniques to ensure that their customers are responded in time including 

  • Chat Bots 
  • Automated Responses 
  • CRM channels 

These modern-day customer support tools can empower organizations to respond to conversations effectively and save them from losing a customer. 

Listen, Analyze, and Improve 

Tying back to the first point, brands can obtain great customer insights from social media platforms and this data can be leveraged to reshape their customer experience strategy. 

This makes the customers feel valued and appreciated, which ultimately increases their satisfaction and loyalty. 

Signing off 

Social is the best way to express the ‘human element’ of your business and obtain honest feedback, brand loyalty and improve customer journey. Almost half of the world’s population are social media users, and the numbers are every passing minute .

If your business is not utilizing this golden opportunity to establish a rewarding social customer experience, now, is the time to begin. 

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